Are Indoor Plants Good For Your Health?


People have always liked having indoor plants in their homes and offices. They’re not just nice to look at but they do a lot of good stuff too! Indoor plants can make the air cleaner, help you feel less stressed, and generally make you feel better. There’s a bunch of different ways these plants are good for you, and scientists say it’s true. In this article, we’ll talk about all the cool things indoor plants can do to make you healthier.

1. Improved Air Quality

Having indoor plants is very beneficial because they can clean up the air we breathe. Plants are like superheroes, they can get rid of bad stuff like formaldehyde and benzene that come from things like paint and furniture. So, when you put plants in your house, it’s like having tiny air superheroes that suck up and kill those bad things.

There was this study by NASA in the 1980s that showed how useful indoor plants are at cleaning the air. They found out that plants like spider plants, snake plants, and peace lilies can seriously make the air in your house way cleaner and reduce your chances of getting sick or having allergies. How cool is that?

2. Enhanced Mental Health

Having plants inside can actually make you feel happier. A lot of people feel peaceful when they take care of plants because it’s like bringing a bit of nature into their homes, even if they live in big cities. Even if you just have a few small plants, it can make you feel better by calming you down and making you less stressed. The green colors of the plants are like a natural chill pill that helps you relax and feel good.

Scientists even have a fancy word for it, “biophilia.” It means that humans just naturally like being around nature. So, having plants in your house isn’t just for looks; it can help you feel less sad and make your brain feel happier overall. It’s like having a tiny piece of nature right in your living room!

3. Increased Productivity and Concentration

Having plants inside can actually increase your work productivity. The University of Exeter did some research and found that just having plants in an office can make people 15% more productive. It’s because plants can make you feel less stressed and make your workspace look nicer.

Plants can help you pay attention to your work for a longer time by making your space look cool and calming. So, if you want to do better at work or school, maybe get some plants for your desk.

4. Humidity Regulation

Indoor plants also helps with how damp or dry your place feels. Plants do this cool thing called transpiration where they let out moisture into the air. This is very helpful, especially when your place is all dry because of heaters or air conditioners. Having the right amount of moisture in the air is important so you don’t get problems like dry skin, breathing issues, or allergies.

5. Allergen Reduction

If you’re someone who gets allergies a lot, having indoor plants can definitely help you. Plants are really good at catching stuff that makes allergies worse, like dust and tiny things that bother your nose. They clean the air and make it better for people with allergies.

But, you must pick the right plants, or they might make your allergies worse. So, go for plants that don’t have flowers and don’t make a lot of pollen. These are usually the safest choice for people who are allergic to a lot of things.

6. Better Sleep Quality

Having plants in your room can actually help you sleep better. Some plants, like lavender and jasmine, smell really good and can make you feel very relaxed, making it easier to fall asleep.

Plants also make your sleep space better by cleaning the air and making it less stressful.

7. Faster Healing and Recovery

Guess what? Indoor plants can actually help you heal faster! When people in hospitals have plants in their rooms, they feel less pain, worry less, and don’t get as tired.

So, to wrap it up, indoor plants aren’t just there to look pretty, they do a bunch of good stuff for your health. They make the air better, keep your brain happy, help you work or study better, and even make you heal faster. Scientists say it’s true, and a lot of people have known it for a long time.